Signature Centric

Signature Centric

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RTS Digital Signature

RTS Digital Signature Accelerators have led to a 30% reduction in time and effort for implementing digital signature solutions

RTS through custom-developed digital signature accelerators helps enterprises adopt the DocuSign® agreement platform for enterprise workflows, enabling digitization until the last mile.

Although organizations digitize their business processes with next-generation ERP systems, many still require paper-based approvals from internal and external members for reasons such as auditing and accountability. Because of this, physical signatures tend to hinder well-digitized workflows.

Last-mile digitization of enterprise workflows helps enterprises:

  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Improve traceability of workflows
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Faster revenue recognition
  • Auditibility
Although organizations digitize
Digital Signature Solutions

Digital Signature Solutions

Signs documents electronically on different devices, per the defined workflows and manage agreements

DocuSign Solutions and SAP

Manages the entire process in SAP, including specifying signature, guiding the signing process, reporting/auditing, and more

DocuSign Accelerator for SAP

Provides core integration functions that rapidly connect SAP ECC/S4 HANA modules to DocuSign, helps standardize enterprise document processes, and automates workflows

SAP Solution Extension Relationship

Can be leveraged and implemented over the already deployed SAP solutions with DocuSign


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Seamless SAP Integration

Access the signature functionality and the complete workflow from within the SAP environment, without needing to log in to DocuSign separately
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Wide Range of Workflows

Supports any business workflows such as bill of lading, quotation, purchase order generation, invoicing, delivery, and many more
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Ubiquitous Access

Anytime, anywhere access to the authorization process using the native SAP interface or custom mobile apps
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High Compatibility

Compatible with multiple SAP environments, from on-premise ECC implementations to S/4 HANA private cloud setups
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Quick Reconciliations

Seamless transfer of information from DocuSign envelopes to SAP operational documents, so all information is available centrally
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Boundary-less Processes

Obtain authorization and approvals from collaborators outside your organizational boundary while maintaining adequate document security
30% reduction in time and effort for implementing digital signature solutions due to RTS Digital Signature Accelerators

25+ business processes implemented, covering key workflows such as bill of lading, invoicing, delivery, purchase, orders

Customer Success

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A France-Based Retail Giant

SAP DMS Integration with DocuSign where DMS scenarios are integrated with object links with SAP standard and their homegrown custom solution. A custom solution is also delivered for bulk sending of multiple DMS documents to many recipients at once.
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Department Of Transportation (one of the largest in the US)

SAP CRM Integration with DocuSign wherein scenarios such as Grantor, Agreements, and Tasks have been integrated
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A Large Enterprise

SAP SRM RFx Integration with DocuSign where SAP standard workflow was replaced for bid approvals and a supplier side of bid submission was enabled with signed supporting documents and proposals. These signed copies are then used for bid closures and awards.