Internet of Things & Edge

Internet of Things & Edge

Improve customer experience and increase efficiencies with connected products and services

Smart devices are transforming every facet of our daily lives. Advanced sensory and connectivity capabilities have found their way into industrial equipment, medical diagnostic devices, automobiles, and home appliances, bringing in a sea change in usability and comfort.

While product makers are coming up with newer and evermore innovative concepts, converting a product idea into a usable solution, enterprises require a wider set of skills and a systems-thinking approach. At RTS, we work with our clients to identify opportunities to apply smart technology in the pursuit of transforming the experiences of employees and customers alike.

Smart Devices
How We Help Our Clients

How We Help Our Clients

Over the years, our constant endeavour has been to bring new & emerging technologies closer to enterprises, helping them to transform business and IT processes smoothly.

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IoT Based Monitoring and Control

Design & build IoT-based systems using new technological advancements that can monitor and control devices for real-life applications: across home, commercial establishments, and industrial premises.
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Wireless Network Optimization

Collect & analyse large quantities of data from network devices; intelligently adjust network parameters and settings in real-time and deliver optimal throughput based on the network load.
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Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Devise and implement connected and smart preventive maintenance strategies to ensure regular monitoring of equipment to reduce downtime and improve performance & safety
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AI/ML based Predictive Analytics

Help organizations discover hidden patterns, powerful insights, and new information from their unstructured data sets from diverse sources.
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Device and Network Security

Protect corporate network infrastructure and prevent unauthorized access, malfunction, and modifications, thereby ensuring a secure environment for employees and customers
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Device to Cloud Data Management

Provide data management services to store, manage, and retrieve data across cloud locations, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.
Digital Experience

Our Strengths

  • Foundation in connectivity technologies, wireless engineering, and enterprise networking
  • IoT technology expertise coupled with mobility, BI and, AI/ML skills for holistic enterprise IoT solutions
  • Continuous development of skills in new technologies: wireless, networking, data management, cloud, and AI

Customer Success

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Smart Temperature Control

RTS team helped our client in developing a solution to notify the retail chain store managers of any deviation in the temperature settings within the freezers. This solution enabled store managers to take corrective action in the event of a freezer malfunction avoiding the scenarios of wasting perishable food items like ice cream and milk. The benefits were ensuring food compliance, cost savings due to reduced food wastage, etc. and this was done using RTS IoT solution.
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Sensor-Based Cleanliness Monitoring

RTS engineers were part of the client’s team to develop an IoT-based solution for efficient restroom cleanliness management. The IoT solution collected data from air and door sensors and stored them in the cloud. This real-time data provides insights into facility usage and its tidiness, which were used to derive an efficient cleaning schedule. Our client’s initiative of improving the cleanliness of the restrooms was achieved with this IoT solution.

Modernized Technology, Enabling Digital Transformation for Retail Organizations

Data analytics is becoming increasingly important for businesses. By analyzing data, businesses can gain insights into customer behavior, improve decision-making, and identify new opportunities. RTS along with their client partner forged a path from data ingestion to data visualization by enabling AI and creating new business opportunities with IoT.

Modernized Technology, Enabling Digital Transformation for Retail Organizations Case Study