Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Services: Hybrid & Managed Solutions for Agility and Reliability

Elevate Your Business with Expert Cloud Management

RTS’ hybrid and multi-cloud services enable our clients to benefit from our cross-platform expertise, ensuring optimised environments across the board. Drawing on many many years of experience in public cloud, private cloud, and enterprise applications, we assess your environment to develop a tailored strategy that accelerates your transformation.

Our comprehensive range of managed multi-cloud and transformation services allows you to choose the support you need for your cloud transformation strategy, be it public cloud, private cloud, or cloud-native applications. Our experts collaborate with your team to manage your complex hybrid cloud infrastructure, evolving with you as you modernise.

Leave your cloud management to the experts

Unlock Your Cloud Potential with Managed Delivery Solutions

At RTS, we recognize that managing IT infrastructure can be intricate and time-consuming. Our hybrid cloud solutions merge the benefits of public and private clouds, providing the flexibility and scalability of public clouds while maintaining the security and control of private clouds. This enables you to leverage the cloud environment while retaining control over your critical data and applications. We offer comprehensive IT services to help you manage and optimise your IT infrastructure for agile and stable enterprise environments. Our broad range of services encompasses Windows Server Management, Unix & Linux Server Management, Virtualization Platform Support (VMWare, Hyper-V & Citrix), Cloud Platform Support (Azure, AWS, OCI & GCP), Patch Management (SCCM), and MS SQL Database Administration. Our expert team can plan, execute, and manage changes in your IT environment, ensuring a seamless flow for your business operations.

Focus on Your Business While We Manage Your Cloud

With our vast experience and expertise, our team is committed to delivering reliable and efficient IT support, allowing you to concentrate on your core operations. We provide a variety of Windows Server Administration services, including Upgrades, Active Directory, Group Policy, Monitoring & Management, Managing DNS and DHCP Servers, User Management, Vendor Management and Hardware Management, Deployment and Decommission of Environments, Remote Desktop Support, and more. Our IT support experts are adept at executing and managing essential system modifications, guaranteeing smooth and uninterrupted business operations.

RTS offers a full spectrum of enterprise IT managed infrastructure services, complete with ongoing administration, 24×7 monitoring, and defined SLAs. Our IT infrastructure consulting team can manage changes in your IT environment, ensuring a continuous flow for your business operations. We have lot of experience and expertise in supporting businesses of all sizes with their IT infrastructure needs, delivering reliable and efficient solutions to manage their IT systems. Let us help you maintain a smooth-running IT infrastructure.

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