Custom Collection Engine

Custom Collection Engine

Introducing Custom Collection Engine (CCE): Revolutionizing Utilities Management

Transform your utility with Advanced Metering & Smart Grid Applications.  RTS presents the Custom Collection Engine (CCE), a formidable software designed to revolutionize management of Advanced Metering and Smart Grid applications.

Traditional collection engines have been developed to work exclusively with specific functional partners, making it challenging for utilities to implement AMI/Smart Grid infrastructure based on overall system selection. This rigidity has led to complex and costly system integration, particularly when utilities acquire other utilities. Moreover, when new headend software components are introduced, testing the new systems within the production environment without a full system upgrade is extremely difficult if not impossible

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CCE: Streamlining Infrastructure Management for Utilities

The CCE is a software solution that offers an abstraction layer to the underlying collection engines by utilizing their existing functionality and providing utilities with a unified interface, both programmatically and visually. This enables vendor independence when selecting new meters, allowing utilities to integrate new metering or sensor technology with their current systems, which reduces the need for expensive and time-consuming system upgrades.

Supporting various versions of the underlying collection engine, CCE enhances migration plans and creates a consistent user interface for utility infrastructure and mobile apps. As the Smart Grid domain expands to include Grid Modernization and IoT Integration, the CCE serves as the “Master” headend system, interacting with numerous collection engines via vendor APIs and offering a common interface for various teams, independent of the underlying infrastructure.

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One of our large utility customers

Real-World Impact: Streamlining Operations and Reducing Costs

One of our large utility customers had been using the OpenWay Collection Engine with HW metering infrastructure for many years. To implement the RIVA platform, a new headend (OpenWay Operations Center) would have to be installed, and new user and programmatic interfaces would need to be developed. However, by using the CCE, both systems can operate with the same look and feel, as well as the same programmatic framework. This reduces training time and costs while maintaining common procedures and troubleshooting guides. The CCE offers an integrated view of the overall systems in the grid infrastructure, complete with new visualization and state of the art management tools that allows for a more comprehensive and insightful view of the overall infrastructure.

The CCE is a powerful new solution that streamlines infrastructure management, reduces costs, and enhances efficiency for utilities. It is a game-changing innovation that is transforming how utilities approach system integration and management.