Cloud Native

Cloud Native

Experience the potential of cloud native applications. Develop self-healing and auto-scaling native applications, free from the limitations of servers.

Building your applications in the cloud requires an entirely new way of thinking about architecture and design.

Modern cloud native development opens a world of possibilities by helping our clients leverage cloud native technologies that simply don’t exist in legacy applications.

These technologies, such as serverless computing, allow any business to develop at cloud scale by pushing as much infrastructure and software management to the platform as possible.

Building your applications
With The Traditional challenges
With the traditional challenges related to provisioning, scaling and maintaining and keeping high availability in mind, you can focus on delivering business value. This leads to faster time to market, tighter feedback loops and better products — all while reducing costs and improving reliability.

Let us help put you on the path to modernize cloud native applications. From ideation and user experience design to development and deployment, our team works alongside yours to build modern applications ck.

Cloud Native refers to an approach to software development that utilizes cloud-based technologies and methodologies to build and operate applications. It is a set of principles and practices that enable organizations to develop, deploy, and scale applications more rapidly and efficiently in cloud environments.

Cloud Native applications are designed to take full advantage of cloud infrastructure and services, such as elasticity, scalability, and resiliency. They are typically developed using microservices architecture, which breaks down complex applications into smaller, independently deployable services that can be developed, tested, and deployed quickly and independently. These services communicate with each other via APIs and can be scaled up or down as needed to meet demand.

Other key characteristics of Cloud Native applications include containerization, which allows applications to be packaged into lightweight and portable containers, and orchestration, which automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containers in a distributed environment.

The Cloud Native approach is gaining popularity as more organizations move their applications to the cloud to take advantage of its scalability and flexibility. By adopting Cloud Native practices, organizations can accelerate their digital transformation efforts, increase agility and innovation, and reduce operational costs.

Advantages of Cloud Native applications:

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Develop Cloud Native Applications and Accelerate Innovation

Leverage a microservices architecture to develop software systems that focus on building single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations.
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Enable team autonomy and increase agility

Microservices are independently deployable, enabling smaller, dedicated teams to focus on feature- or service-specific portions of the application
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Scale seamlessly

Independently scale services to the most needed microservice instead of scaling the entire cloud native application
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Reduce downtime

Isolate faults to a single microservice. This helps prevent cascading failures that might impact the entire application, allowing your critical applications to keep running even when other modules fail
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Simplify maintenance

With smaller codebases for each microservice, you can maintain, update, and deploy applications easily

Our tech expertise

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Cloud migration

RTS performs complex, direct and multistep software migration to the cloud. Within our cloud migration consulting, we not only move the solution and set it up in a new environment, we also enhance its features, UI/UX, performance, and add new security features that are easy to use and manage.
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Architecture redesign

Software architecture redesign is an essential part of our cloud migration consulting scope. We rebuild legacy on-premises architectures to adapt them to the cloud parameters. Relying on our expertise and best practices, we deliver cloud architectures that are easy to implement, set up, and scale in the future.
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Cloud-first development

Our team engineers’ custom solutions from the ground up in line with our client’s business requirements. Our solutions are packed with integrated security and connectivity features, which makes further deployment and customization pain free.
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Cloud integration

We tackle integration challenges to connect cloud apps with on-premises or other cloud solutions. By creating an interconnected environment, we ensure barrier-free data exchange and workflow management while preserving the flawless performance of the entire ecosystem.