Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Transform your business by reimagining legacy applications. Embrace the Cloud to succeed in your modernization journey.

Enterprises often

Enterprises often face several challenges in their legacy landscape, such as:

  • Inflexible and complex applications
  • Longer time to market
  • High cost of operations
  • Lack of system knowledge
  • Assets that are nearing the end of support

This inhibits the business resilience needed to respond to market disruptions. Modernization of legacy systems is no longer an option—it is imperative for every enterprise to survive and thrive.

RTS helps enterprises become resilient, responsive, and relevant by modernizing their legacy IT landscape using cloud, open-source software, DevSecOps, and other technologies.

Our consulting and advisory services help define the right modernization strategy by assessing the current legacy landscape and developing a modernization roadmap with technologies that best fit your IT environment. In addition, our extensive partner ecosystem provides techno-commercial solutions and a large pool of modernization SMEs, we ensure seamless and successful modernization programs.

RTS Helps Enterprises Become




  • Future-proof to a cloud-enabled architecture for evolving business needs
  • Transform legacy systems to modern digital technology stack for system resilience!


  • Adopt agile methodology and DevSecOps for responsive and secure IT systems
  • Innovate faster with platform-centric modernization approach


  • Leverage open-source software, cloud, smart automation, software asset optimization to reduce modernization cost
  • Improve stakeholder experience to derive maximum value
  • Our services are delivered efficiently catering to the end-to-end modernization needs of an enterprise

RTS application modernization solutions help you innovate faster at the same time lowering cost by offering a consistent development and operations experience and industry-leading tools and guidance

Prioritize modernization and achieve higher ROI with RTS

Application Modernization icons Cloud native application development

Cloud-native application development

Leverage hyperscaler’s end-to-end platform to accelerate your developer productivity, simplify operations, and build security and compliance into your software delivery process.


  • Get speed with reliability and security
  • Focus on code, instead of managing infrastructure
  • Reduce risk with open-source technology

Application Modernization icons DevOps


Take a deep dive into DevOps, the organizational and cultural movement that aims to increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among software stakeholders.


  • Increase the speed of your deployments
  • Improve the stability of your software
  • Build security in from the start

Application Modernization icons Application development

Application development and delivery with serverless

Develop, deploy, and scale applications fast and securely in a fully managed server-less environment. Serverless compute platform abstracts away all infrastructure management by automatically scaling up and down from zero almost instantaneously, depending on traffic.


  • Increase speed to market
  • Simplify developer experience
  • Automate event orchestration

Application Modernization icons Application migration

Application migration

Migrate traditional apps away from virtual machines and into native containers. Our unique automated approach extracts critical application elements from the VM so you can easily insert those elements into containers in Kubernetes without the VM layers (like Guest OS) that become unnecessary with containers.


  • Increase the speed of your deployments
  • Intelligently extract and convert apps from VMs to containers
  • Capitalize on the benefits of modernization quickly
  • Accelerate adoption of modern day-two operations

Application Modernization icons API management

API management

Accelerate application design and development with an API-first approach. Leverage API management platform to govern, analyse, and get visibility into all your APIs across hybrid and multi cloud environments.


  • Extend the life of legacy applications with API abstraction
  • Manage services, including microservices
  • Bring new applications to market faster with an API-first approach

Unlocking Efficiency with Application Modernization

The RTS team worked with our end client to develop a new application that was built on the Power App platform. Power App is a cloud-based platform that allows users to create and deploy custom applications, achieving a 40% reduction in on-boarding time which significantly boosted efficiency and cost savings.

Unlocking Efficiency with Application Modernization Case Study