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We are proud winners of the 2024 AI Excellence Award by the Business Intelligent Group, alongside previous recognitions like the 2023 Outstanding Partner Award from SAP NS2 and the Top 25 AI Companies of 2024 by the Software Report.
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Our commitment to exceptional products, reliable partnerships, and innovative solutions are our core principles. We take pride in cultivating strong relationships with clients, suppliers, employees and stakeholders. We are dedicated to maintaining high standards and evolving with the changing IT environments
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Enterprises are adopting big data infrastructure to service Business Intelligence needs

We specialize in overhauling and modernizing solutions for businesses that aspire to attain a comprehensive 360-degree view of spend and business activity. Our expertise lies in migrating legacy business data to cloud-based big data infrastructure, ensuring that client can take full advantage of the latest technological advancements.

At RTS, our team of architects and specialist engineers bring extensive knowledge and experience in data engineering, big data, and data analytics to collaborate with your business and implement cutting-edge technologies for business intelligence and big data infrastructure.

We employ the most suitable technologies throughout the entire data life cycle, from data capture and ingestion, to storage and analytics. Our team is skilled in designing and deploying solutions for the complete data journey, ensuring that all activities are closely monitored and tracked. Additionally, we facilitate the migration of legacy business intelligence data and infrastructure to a scalable cloud-based stack. Our successful implementation of these solutions allows your business to gain in-depth insights into activities and spending analytics, resulting in significant savings on both spend and data infrastructure.


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The RTS Team was a game changer in handling the project execution and delivery with deep understanding of the subject and skills required to successfully complete the POC for digital signature.

Global IT Solution Integrity Analyst SAP-TCA/TC1

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The feedback from the field (stores) has been simply overwhelming!!! They consider this as one of our very successful releases; even less tech savvy associates picked up the process in no time… put in short: fantastic!

Director – Business Technology,
US-based Retail Furniture Chain

Leaders of 20 Fortune 500 companies have leveraged us to execute niche innovation assignments and accelerate project implementations.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider in 2024 by CIO Review

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Outstanding Partner Award 2023

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SAP Innovation Challenge

Best Mobile App Award 2012

Service Partnership Excellence Award

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Partner of the Year 2015

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