We transform business processes and create new opportunities with technology solutions and enterprise applications implementation.

With a wide portfolio of solutions and services, we are the preferred IT partner for several Fortune 500 organizations in telecom, retail, real-estate, government, and aerospace & defense verticals.

Streamline Business Process



We become an integral part of enterprises

Leaders over 20 Fortune 500 companies have leveraged us to execute niche innovation assignments and accelerate project implementations.


Our Services

Supporting a variety of enterprise IT needs

Solution Consulting

Define best-fit technical architecture and lay out a pragmatic roadmap for enterprise applications implementation and technology solutions development

IT Services

Fulfil your IT needs from application development to maintenance & support leveraging next-gen technologies and agile development practices

Strategic Resourcing

Support enterprise programs and projects with technology and engineering skills across enterprise applications and technology & infrastructure solutions

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Our Solutions

Applying technology for business benefits

Ensure long-term success with transformed ERP software, business applications, and cloud-based infrastructure.

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Customer Success

SAP BI, HANA, NS2 Cloud Migration

Resolve Tech is collaborating with SAP NS2 to provide services in business intelligence, enterprise applications, database, cloud, and mobility solutions. RTS was the FIRST consulting partner to collaborate with NS2 in providing services for federal, state, and civilian clients. Several global enterprises have transformed their enterprise application landscape with our upgrade/implementation solutions

Empower users to make smart decisions faster by harnessing insights

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Customer Success

Profitability Analysis – Revenue Per Customer Per Month

Resolve Tech helped its telecom client streamline its profitability reporting process using a data warehousing and analytics solution. With this solution, the telecom major was able to overcome inherent delays and inaccuracies in the profitability reporting. The client achieved faster management reporting, improved marketing decision making, and better data synergy across various departments.

Make wireless networks perform at the highest service level and ensure optimized enterprise network & infrastructure.

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Customer Success

Wireless Solutions – Wi-Fi Deployment

Resolve Tech worked with a hospital to review the existing network coverage inside the premises and redesign the venue by performing detailed surveys and identifying coverage loop-holes. The best practices and solutions recommended by us helped the client to deploy and manage an optimized Wi-fi network, thus enhancing the user experience and reducing network costs.

Improve customer experience and increase efficiencies with connected products and services

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Customer Success

Smart Temperature Control

Using IoT-based temperature sensors, we developed a digital solution to notify the store managers of a retail chain if the temperatures within the freezers deviate from a pre-set range. This solution enabled the managers to take prompt corrective action in the event of a freezer malfunction, thus preventing wastage of perishable foods leading to direct cost savings.

Last-mile digitization of business workflows with digital signature accelerators

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Customer Success

Digital Signature Accelerators

Resolve Tech helped a large enterprise to adopt digital signatures by integrating its SAP SRM RFx with DocuSign. We have enhanced the SAP standard workflow for bid approvals by enabling a supplier to submit bids with digitally signed supporting documents and proposals. This solution has helped the enterprise to close & award bids faster, improve audit-trail, and ultimately save the environment by eliminating paper usage.

Save the environment with paperless workflows

Are you doing enough to protect the environment? Although enterprises are digitizing many business processes across different functions, they still resort to paper to record authorizations and approvals, thereby adversely impacting the environment. Resolve Tech helps organizations go paperless by implementing digital signature solutions seamlessly integrated with their day-to-day enterprise workflows

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At RTS, we offer an exciting career path that focuses on technology excellence – for experienced professionals and recent graduates alike. Our success in delivering business value to large enterprise stems not only from our employees’ technological excellence, but also from our culture of collaboration and openness. Additionally, we have a host of employee-friendly policies that help our associates balance their professional responsibilities with personal commitments – from paid vacations to sponsored trainings to arranging work permits.

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