Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Take Your Cloud to New Heights with Managed Services

The cloud offers immense potential, but running it requires specialized expertise. Our managed cloud services empower you to reap maximum value from the cloud with less effort. As your trusted cloud managed service provider, we handle heavy lifting so you can focus on innovation and growth.

80 %
of IT budgets are spent on maintaining existing IT systems.
75 %
of IT downtime is caused by manual errors.
56 %
of data breaches were due to vulnerabilities for which patches were available.
70 %
of IT professionals find it challenging to keep up with security patches.
56 %
of businesses believe performance optimization is a significant challenge.
80 %
of organizations exceeded their cloud budget.

Our Cloud Managed Services Areas

Automate and Streamline Cloud Patching
We reduce errors and risk in your infrastructure by Automating cloud patching to ensure their cloud-based resources and applications are always running the latest security patches and updates.
Manage Multi-Cloud Environments
We help you navigate the challenges of complex multi-cloud environments, providing unified visibility and management across AWS, Azure, GCP and more from a single dashboard.
Optimize Cloud Spending
Continuous cost optimization ensures you pay only for the resources you need. Our tools provide spend visibility and autoscaling to eliminate waste and align cloud costs with business needs.
Secure Cloud Resources and Data
We secure your cloud resources and data via compliance audits, access controls, data encryption, vulnerability testing, and remediation. Protect against configuration errors and malicious attacks.
Ensure High Availability
With proactive monitoring, automated failover, backup and recovery, we ensure your cloud resources and data remain highly available 24/7. Achieve RTOs and RPOs tailored to your needs.
Troubleshoot and Remediate Issues
Our team of engineers rapidly troubleshoots and resolves cloud issues before they disrupt operations. Automated bots handle repetitive tasks allowing engineers to focus on complex problems.
Deploy and Manage Cloud-Native Apps
We help deploy cloud-native and serverless applications on platforms like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, GCP Cloud Run. Automate scaling and updates through CI/CD pipelines.
Implement Best Practice Blueprints
We utilize proven blueprints tailored to your use case that simplify deployment of highly available, secure, and efficient environments following best practices.
Monitor and Optimize Performance
Proactive monitoring and automated tuning continuously optimize cloud performance as needs change. Get alerted to issues before they impact users.
Handle Compliance and Governance
We embed compliance into cloud management ensuring you always remain audit ready. Automate controls around access, configurations, and data protection.
Provide Technical Support
Our cloud engineers augment your team as an extension of your IT staff, providing ongoing technical support, guidance, and knowledge transfer when you need it.
Offer Strategic Advisory
As cloud experts, we act as your trusted advisor, providing strategy and technology recommendations to maximize your cloud ROI based on proven methodologies and deep hands-on experience.
Simplify Cloud Administration
Self-service portals and automation hand over routine cloud management tasks to users while enforcing guardrails. Automation frees your staff to focus on delivering innovation.

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Success Story

Our client was grappling with the Windows patching process under their previous vendor. Their IT team struggled to maintain a consistent patching schedule across their devices, leading to significant security vulnerabilities.

Additionally, post-patching activities such as removing snapshots and performing overall health checks were neglected. This constant firefighting adversely affected server health, requiring the client to invest overtime and resources in fixing broken servers.

See how we increased system health and availability, enhanced security, and improved compliance.

Don’t let cloud complexity paralyze your organization. Our managed services deliver simplified cloud adoption and management so you can focus on business value. Let us securely unlock the promise of the cloud for you.

With a 99.95% uptime SLA, flexible pricing aligned to business needs, and clear accountability, we provide peace of mind. Contact us today for a consultation on how managed cloud services can transform your organization.