Customer Success Story – Govt Sector

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Customer Success Story – Govt Sector

Client: US Government Agency

Client - US Government Agency


  • Collecting, processing, and analyzing mission-critical information quickly due to disconnected and dispersed on-premises systems.
  • Missing parts inside the massive logistics enterprise, resulting in pending maintenance and repair backlogs, making ships wait months longer than planned on the pier side.

RTS Solutions

  • Seamlessly migrated their largest SAP-based ERP system, 72,000 users across six locations, to AWS Gov Cloud with no downtime.
  • Securely moved their applications and infrastructure workloads to the SAP NS2 Secure HANA Cloud enabled over AWS GovCloud (US).
  • Movement of documentation related to parts and goods into one accessible space.
  • Addressed the regulatory requirements of the government agency, its customers, and partners.
  • Efficiently managed the manual process to deliver a solution in a complex Airgap environment with restricted internet connectivity while helping a cloud provider get FedRamp certification.




VM's deployed

6 Months

to live production


cost reduction


increased system availability

Secure Cloud

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Increased visibility & availability of data so teams can make timely & informed decisions on financial reporting & budgets, maintenance & repair logs, and conduct advanced analytics.

Why RTS:

  • Expertise in IT modernization: RTS specializes in this area if your organization wants to modernize its IT systems and infrastructure. RTS can help you with core business system modernization, custom application modernization, data modernization, and cloud-native and mobile development.
  • Award-winning and experienced: Being an award-winning mid-sized firm displays that RTS is a good balance between established experience and agility.
  • Cloud migration expertise: RTS is a leader in cloud migration and can help you securely move your systems to the cloud and manage them afterward.
  • Focus on security and reliability: RTS ensures the security, disaster recovery, and maintenance of over 6000 virtual machines for some of America’s largest organizations.
  • Commitment to innovation: RTS continuously invests in its people and develops cutting-edge solutions. This means you can benefit from the latest technologies and advancements.
  • Partnership approach: RTS partners with its clients to achieve their technology transformation goals.