Regain Your Freedom with Our Proven SAP AMS. Get efficient and streamlined IT operations for your hybrid SAP landscape.

You’re One Step Closer to Your Business Transformation

In times where technology and new solutions are arising faster than ever and business requirements are changing, IT has risen from its former supporting role to an active role in driving business transformation.

But how do you achieve a closer alignment between your IT and business strategy when you are in over your head in managing the current landscape?

RTS SAP AMS were created to change this:

As recent studies show, IT teams and decision makers are being held up by repetitive tasks – ones that keep the boat afloat but don’t move it further up the river. IT decision makers state that they spend too much time on the following operations:
  • 66% Managing IT-Infrastructure
  • 49% Development and Maintenance of Internal IT-Apps
  • 31% Helpdesk Tasks for Colleagues

Application Management Services were built to save time and resources that these routine operations occupy. RTS SAP AMS reduce your operational workload significantly – to give you back the freedom you need to innovate and to transform your business into an intelligent enterprise!

Benefits of Our Unique Services

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