Innovative data warehousing solution for improved marketing decisions
October 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021


A collaborative approach to implement a data warehousing solution for better data synergy across business divisions

A telecom service provider was facing difficulties in leveraging its enterprise data due to data duplication, errors in reporting, and inconsistencies in stories.

All business team were engaged to identify the right information and implement a robust data warehousing solution that provided rich visualizations and analytics. This collaborative approach has instilled a sense of ownership among all business and support team.

Execution Success

Single version of truth shared by all departments: Marketing, Operations, and Finance.


Our client, an American telecommunications giant wanted to maximize their revenue margins through promotion of in-demand products as well as targeting selective customer segments in marketing campaigns. The client had a legacy system that was unable to respond quickly to changing business rules. Changes requested by the business would go through a tedious change cycle, leading to a large and unfinished backlog. The data collected and analyzed for profitability reports was also being manually processed in standalone systems resulting in delayed and irrelevant reporting. All these challenges were leading to loss of time, effort & data duplication and inaccurate interpretation by users.


The telecom company decided to address the root causes that were resulting in loss of productivity, errors in reporting, and data inconsistencies with a centralized & robust data warehousing solution. After a detailed analysis of the challenges that the business teams were facing, a base camp approach was adopted to tackle the root causes and to bring about a long-lasting solution derived through:

  • Participation of all business teams to identify the right resource data
  • Collaboration among the teams to define all data entities, business rules
  • Implementation of an analytics engine to derive insights from complex data
  • Introduction of data visualization tools for easy interpretation

Solution Highlights

Empowering business teams with a sense of ownership

Benefits / Results

With the new data warehousing solution, the client organization was able to establish a common data channel across multiple departments, teams, and users resulting in the following benefits:

  • Faster decision-making due to timely and relevant data reporting
  • Increased confidence in data veracity due to updated business rules
  • Enhanced sense of ownership among business teams due to base camp approach
  • Single version of truth shared by all departments: Marketing, Operations, and Finance