A comprehensive program that identifies, prioritizes, and quickly remediates vulnerabilities.

Quickly Identify and Remediate Vulnerabilities

Don’t let your business be compromised by unforeseen vulnerabilities. RTS’ vulnerability management process delivers a solid, comprehensive program designed to safeguard your assets.
Designed around your unique needs, we define and prioritize the criticality of assets by mapping the vulnerability and ensuring quick remediation. We provide in-depth expertise in mission-critical security for a wide range of industries and standards, including:
  • Department of Defense (USA)
  • Financial Sector
  • IRS
  • Secure Cloud for highly sensitive workloads
  • Get a complete program with no blind spots
  • Correlate, analyze, and prioritize vulnerabilities
  • Accelerate vulnerability protection and remediation

Broad Scanning Without Blind Spots

Our comprehensive approach ensures we complete extensive vulnerability scanning across systems. Get broad scanning across environments, resulting in quickly identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities.

Fastest Time to Remediation

Managing multiple actors in resolving open vulnerabilities may delay remediation by months. With RTS, you get comprehensive service and infrastructure management that ensures the fastest remediation in the industry.

Fully Managed Means Fully Protected

Enjoy a fully managed approach that gives you complete protection. Our experts prepare and execute a vulnerability management process tailored for your organization via an in-depth understanding of your environment.

A Comprehensive Vulnerability Program that Leaves No Stone Unturned

Continuous and Accurate Targeting

Get complete coverage of vulnerabilities.

Our vulnerability management process accounts for broad scanning; identification of vulnerabilities across legacy systems; and identification of outdated software, versions, patches, and more. We’re regularly scanning, identifying, and remediating in a continuous vulnerability protection loop.

Don’t wait months to solve a vulnerability.

We’re experts at tooling in processes. We understand that the sooner a vulnerability is solved, the less disruption and risks occur. RTS has developed the fastest path to quickly identify vulnerabilities and remediate them.

Accurate reporting


Get the visibility you need.

Our unique and comprehensive reporting system provides complete visibility over systems and vulnerabilities. The result? Remediation teams quickly and accurately solve outstanding issues.