Pairing Cloud Migration with Cloud Economics for Success

Pairing Cloud Migration with Cloud Economics for Success

Pairing Cloud Migration with Cloud Economics for Success

Client: Premium Denim Brand


A leading fashion and apparel industry company, faced several challenges with its on-premises IT infrastructure. The company’s systems were aging and required costly upgrades, and it struggled to keep up with the demands of its growing business.

The company migrated its IT infrastructure to the cloud to address these challenges. The internal team at the company did not have the skill set needed for cloud services, so they sought an Amazon AWS partner to help them with this initiative.

After engaging with four other AWS partners, the VP of Information Technology, spoke with Resolve Tech Solutions for just one hour. He remarked, ‘We’ve gained more insights in this call than with the other partners in six weeks. What’s the next step? This endorsement led this premium denim brand to choose Resolve Tech Solutions as its migration partner.

After talking to four other AWS partners
Resolve Tech Solutions began by conducting

RTS’ Solutions

Resolve Tech Solutions began by conducting a cloud migration readiness assessment as part of the project kick-off. Using the AWS well-architected framework, this assessment helped the company to identify its migration goals, assess its current IT environment, and develop a migration plan.

Pairing Cloud Economics with Cloud Migration enabled Resolve Tech Solutions to stay within the desired budget.

This was done by developing a pricing calculator that helped our client optimize costs and select the right commitment program for its needs. RTS underwent multiple optimization exercises to reduce its servers while ensuring performance to reach the budgeted target.

As a result of the migration, our client has achieved several benefits, including:

✔ Reduced IT costs
✔ Increased agility and scalability
✔ Improved security and compliance
✔ Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities

Pairing Cloud Economics

Our client can now focus on its core business of designing and selling premium denim without worrying about fees associated with aging infrastructure.