Data is the Gateway to Future Proofing Your Business

Data is the Gateway to Future Proofing Your Business

Data is the Gateway to Future Proofing Your Business

Project Overview

Client: A leading fire security and safety company

The Challenge:

Rapid growth through acquiring 14 other companies resulted in a patchwork of IT systems and data sources.

Our client, a leading fire security and safety organization was manually consolidating data from multiple sources, which was time-consuming and error prone.

They needed a way to gain insights into their business. They were making decisions based on aged data rather than real-time data, which put them at a competitive disadvantage and prevented future data enhancements using machine learning and AI. The organization knew they needed to invest in new IT solutions but didn’t know where to start.

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RTS’ Solution:

RTS worked with the client to assess their needs and develop a plan, then advised them of the most efficient and cost-effective way to integrate multiple data sources into a system of record for automated executive reporting that would eliminate cumbersome manual processes.

At RTS we take eachstep

RTS built a cloud solution in Amazon AWS to integrate 14+ SQL databases and pull data from multiple Oracle, QuickBooks, and Microsoft systems into a database migration service, which is now loaded daily to a single Amazon database, supervised by data engineers, then fed into Power BI for automated reporting.

This task was complex, but RTS completed it without disrupting our client’s business operations.

The Outcome:

The new IT solutions have significantly impacted our client’s business. Our client now has a unified system of record for all their data and can answer questions about their business in real-time, generating reports in minutes. This has helped our client improve their decision-making process and business efficiency.

AT RTS, we know the cloud well and can deliver meaningful and streamlined solutions without a cumbersome number of iterations and steps. To us, a project like this is not an experiment, it’s muscle memory. We have done it several times and we ensure that the speed of deployment is improved and give you a guidance partner who can do the work and educate your internal team.

RTS continues to work with our client to migrate additional data sources to the AWS cloud and perform cloud platform management.

The Outcome

By integrating data and implementing data analytics tools, our client has gained insights into their business that were impossible before. This has positioned them to integrate Machine Learning, RPA, and AI processes into their business in the future and has helped them better understand revenue and cost centers.

Customer Centricity

Over 160 Manual hours saved monthly


20% lower infrastructure cost