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Intelligent Process Automation

Today’s enterprises must be resilient to become live enterprises that thrive, innovate and adapt quickly. Organizations need flexible and fluid strategies to rapidly create new experiences that unleash hyper productivity.

RTS’ Robotico Intelligent Process Automation (RIPA) is a strategy to combine synergistic digital capabilities to deliver perceptive experiences and build responsive business value chains. RIPA supercharges your organization for speed, productivity, and innovation.

Getting Digital: The Way Customers Want With Ripa

RTS’ strategic transformation approach amplifies and delivers new capabilities that extend value beyond transformation.

Our RIPA provides the approach, mindset, and platform services that help our clients continuously respond and grow with data-driven decisions and cognitive actions.

Benefits of RIPA

The breadth of our RIPA services includes an array of capabilities, IPs, and platforms that work together as elegantly as Lego blocks:

  • Sense: Combines competences such as process mining, sensors, OCR, and stream and machine/human signals processing
  • Analyze: Competencies include process modeling, process optimization techniques, document analysis, and NLP extraction
  • React: Low code/no code capabilities such as case management, automation bots, API and Integration, business rules management, data virtualization, and DX APIs
  • Evolve: Consists of next best action, reinforcement learning, machine learning, and decision strategies.

RIPA makes enterprises adaptable, flexible, and interoperable, powering organizations toward a cloud-first economy. Enterprises can now leverage the full potential of the cloud ecosystem to increase business value and speed to market with RTS’ RIPA approach.


RIPA Advisory Services

Intelligent automation requires equal focus on people and technology. Our advisory team works with you to create a sustainable framework to enable scale, establishing the right operating model and embedding change management. With in-depth domain expertise, offerings, and data-driven methodology, we work with you to modernize business processes that deliver results.

We bring unique and compelling perspectives of the technology landscape. Our technology office has deep and broad expertise across domains to create a holistic, best-fit set of solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Their insights help you navigate a quickly evolving landscape with ease and speed.

RIPA Solutions

Achieving maximum business results with intelligent process automation requires enterprise-wide digital operations using technology that’s uniquely designed for your IT ecosystem. Our proprietary and partner solutions help you simplify, accelerate, and expand automation—enabling end-to-end processes to create flexible, resilient operating models.

By combining the power of industry tools with lifecycle accelerators that deliver a future-proof platform, we help you democratize automation technologies across business and operations teams. Using low-code solutions, task capture, process discovery and cognitive platforms across processes, you can move past employee “busy work” and drive true business innovation.

RIPA Implementation Services

Intelligent process automation success hinges on two must-haves: the right technology and a partner who immerses into the fabric of how you work. We focus on providing flexible, right-fit, customized solutions that support a non-linear approach to digital transformation. Our implementation model delivers quality, utilizing change management to bolster outcomes.

With our platform approach, we integrate interconnected technologies to speed automation, optimize delivery, and improve repeatability and scalability while ensuring resiliency. Our frameworks, accelerators, and domain-specific assets help you achieve value faster. We enable citizen development strategies ranging from targeted groups to full scale deployments.

RIPA Managed Services

Your organization exists to serve customers well—understanding their needs and moving quickly to meet their demands is important. We exist to help you do that. Through fully managed outsourced automation services, we provide flexibility in managing and scaling process innovation, partnering with your IT and business functions to deliver innovation through IP, technology, and alternative talent models.

We can handle documentation, development, deployment and maintenance of process automation on your behalf and offer services in an outcome-based model. We provide sustainable business.