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October 13, 2022
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SAP modernization, migration, and application management services


The client, a global technology company, was seeking a solutions and services provider to help them serve its end clients to help them in migrating SAP to the cloud; meet the stringent requirements of the United States Federal agencies and large commercial enterprises; provide a skilled team, cloud management services, and application support to migrate and manage 4000+ SAP Workloads managed in AWS across 20+ commercial enterprises and federal agencies.

The solutions & services provider had to fulfill the following criteria:
Expertise: A complete understanding of all the complex aspects of cloud migration and offering a roadmap to allow clients to reap the full value of their investments in their migration to cloud initiative.
Experience: Proven portfolio capabilities in offering customized and innovative solutions designed to meet each client’s unique security requirements.
Reliability: Consistency in providing customized and innovative solutions that meet every client’s unique security requirement and top-level service and maintenance support for the solutions provided.
Trust: Assurance that developers and engineers have the necessary certifications in the appropriate technologies and have been cleared for the stringent security requirements of Federal clients.

Industry Outlook

Several Government agencies and businesses are migrating to the cloud because of the many undisputed advantages that it offers.
Migrating to the cloud has several advantages such as Scalability and Resilience, Increased Security and risk of data loss, Cost-saving and Accessibility, and Improved Efficiency and Competitiveness.

In fact, US Federal spending on cloud technology crossed $6.6 Billion in 2021 (Source: Nextgov) and nearly 50% of US government organizations are using the cloud (Source: Gartner) and 89% OF Companies have or are planning to leverage a multi-cloud strategy (Source: Flexera State of the Cloud 2022).

Solutions and Services

RTS provided a wide range of services right from resourcing to implementation and deployment to managed services to effectively migrate & manage SAP cloud services.

Resourcing & Projects: Fulfilled a variety of needs in time with professionals having the right technology & domain-specific skills and certifications. Ensured a continuous fulfillment of requirements through a proactive Strategic Resourcing cell.
Security Compliance: Ensured that the on-boarded engineers had the required security clearances besides being US citizens to enable them to meet the requirements set by Federal agency clients
Managed Cloud Services: Provided comprehensive implementation, deployment, migration, and maintenance services for SAP workloads across multiple cloud providers – AWS, Azure, and GCP.
Application Support: Offered the complete gamut of application support services at the L1, L2, and L3 levels. Formulated and met SLAs in consultation with the clients for all the support levels.
Deployment Process: Adopted a uniquely scalable and repeatable deployment process that covers all activities from initial setup to QA making sure best practices are followed all through the process.
Infrastructure As Code: Managed and provisioned infrastructure through configuration files, orchestration definitions, and automation scripts. Leveraged Terraform and Ansible as applicable for configuration and automation.
AWS Services Enhancement: Developed scripts to make AWS services security compliant. An example – RTS developed a custom script for the alarm and monitoring systems by replacing an AWS Lambda automation service that was not FedDRAMP approved.


RTS helped the client meet stringent requirements of United States Federal Agencies and commercial enterprises and expand its SAP cloud services

Engagement: Delivered on competence, reliability, and trust – characteristics that the client was looking for in a solutions & services provider, and helped forge a long-term relationship
Expansion: Helped the client provide secure & reliable cloud services to its end clients and expand its business by ensuring end client expectations on services are met
Efficiency: Increased efficiencies by streamlining processes in migrating SAP to the cloud through the scale deployment process, right configurations, and smart automation
Skilled Talent: Ensured engineers with the right technical and domain skills are onboarded within the required timeline helping to complete the committed projects as per schedule
Extension: Broadened the responsibilities from strategic resourcing to managed cloud services to end-to-end application support (L1, L2, L3)
Significant Stats:
30% reduction in deployment time aided by automation and a robust deployment workflow
100% Compliant on incident response and resolution SLAs
Reduced effort & costs in project execution due to increased employee efficiency, processes, and automation
85-90% employee retention rate with the right employee engagement and quality of work offered