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October 9, 2021
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September 27, 2021


A next-gen AI/ML based digital solution to provide a new & enhanced experience to customers inside a retail store

Retailers are leveraging new technologies to enhance in-store customer experience by reducing wait times during payments and in queues.

Rapid technological advancements in the retail industry have enabled organizations to leverage innovative solutions for improving customer experience and employee productivity in multiple retail processes. One such area of advancement is in-store check-out experience. Typically, customers have to wait a long time in queues to get their purchases processed and make payments. According to research by TechRepublic and ZDnet, slow lines cost approximately $37.7 billion in potential sales per year.


Our client, a global retailer, started an initiative to leverage these technology advancements and implement a check-out automation solution. Resolve Tech team worked with the client’s team in developing the solution and implementing it in a pilot store. The pilot store implementation was to demonstrate the solution that helps customers to simply pick items they need and walk out. Using an app, customers can gain entry to the store. The credit card linked to the app would be charged for the purchase automatically and a receipt of purchased items would be sent to them electronically. RTS team was involved in activities such as Computer Vision algorithms development, Neural network training, Model evaluation, Selection & training, GPU builds & image pre-processing, and Accuracy evaluation.

Solution Highlights


The pilot store implementation helped our client to ascertain the possibility of productionizing check-out automation in stores. More importantly, this solution enabled our client to realize its goal to exceed consumer expectations for faster, easier transactions and a seamless shopping experience. Key benefits to the customer and the retailer include:

  • Reduced waiting-times for customers during payments and standing in queues with the self-service mobile app and checkout-free technology
  • Enhanced customer service by potentially redeploying the check-out staff to assist customers across their purchase cycle in the store
  • Improved personalization by providing in-context customer-specific recommendations leveraging the large amount of meaningful data
  • Eliminated shrink by fraud with the camera-based checkout-free systems as every item gets automatically associated with the personnel when taken from a shelf