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March 7, 2022
Execution approach for better data synergy across business divisions
October 10, 2021


An innovative data warehousing solution for improved marketing decision making and enhanced offer composition divisions

In the pursuit to increase overall revenues, telecom companies need to understand their profitability – both across customers and products.

Resolve Tech helped the client, an American telecommunications conglomerate, streamline its profitability reporting process using a data warehousing and analytics solution. The solution enabled the client to make data-oriented decisions about marketing campaigns. Due to single version of truth shared by all departments: Marketing, Operations, and Finance, the telecom major was able to overcome inherent delays & inaccuracies in the profitability reporting. The client thus achieved faster management reporting, improved marketing decision making, and better data synergy across various departments.


In recent years, telecom companies have become increasingly focused on simultaneously maximizing revenue yields & profitability and meeting the evolving product preferences of their more profitable customers.

Our client, an American telecommunications giant, wanted to keep track of their profitability margins with Revenue per Customer per Month (RCM) and RCM Accretion over time- as target metrics for measuring the success of their past marketing campaigns
However, lack of relevant data, low accuracy & timeliness of RCM reporting process was causing delays in decision making. Also, limited flexibility of their legacy system on providing support for visual rendering of reports and resistance to business changes was leading to a large and unfinished backlog.


The client decided to empower management with data-driven strategic decision-making through advanced analytical capabilities. With Resolve Tech as a technical partner, the client implemented a new Enterprise Data Warehouse with billing details that uniquely identify every customer to compute revenue data across customers or segments in aggregate.
Additionally, Resolve Tech also addressed reporting and data needs of other departments, namely Operations and Finance, along with the RCM reporting needs of the Marketing team. To achieve the above, Resolve Tech worked with various teams, specifically the BODS team to understand the existing functionality of data mappings and RCM computation.

The solution included the following capabilities:
  • Customer Tracking by segment based on RCM sensitivity to price-ups, roll offs, etc. for tailored marketing decisions.
  • Computation of cost of service based on mapping of billing details to the product master data for automated cost & margin calculations.
  • Computation of prior 4 months cost & margin to enable customer to promote offers to consumers based on past trend.

Solution Highlights


The new data warehouse and analytics system simplified reporting of RCM, cost, and margin data across the organization. This led to sale of more profitable products to consumers by leveraging the RCM reports based on recent data. The solution also promoted:

  • Improved Profitability with focus on selling more profitable products as demonstrated by the RCM data
  • Enhanced Synergy across Marketing, Operations, and Finance as all departments now receive reports based on the same data
  • Targeted Marketing through segment-specific promotions that relied on actual consumption patterns