SEPA Mandate Execution – SAP, DocuSign CLM
September 26, 2021


Simplify global trading & shipping document signature process when using SAP, GTS, and DocuSign® with RTS digital signature accelerator.

When a seller organization needs to ship items to a recipient organization in a different country, several documents need to be verified and signed by government agencies. SAP enables this process by providing the GTS system for all parties to access the necessary documents.

Before adding RTS accelerator, signing documents, for example a Customs Declaration document, outside the SAP environment, manually moving the document between SAP and DocuSign, and updating the signature status in SAP lead to inefficiencies and inadequate oversight. Further, when Customs Broker and the Customs Officer, the designated signatories in government agencies, sign the declaration document, the signature status does not automatically reflect in SAP.
RTS accelerator enables users to sign the documents, in this case Customs Declaration document, within the SAP environment and automates the movement of documents and signature status as applicable, making the process efficient and increasing the visibility of signature application across the workflow.

A solution concept video

Integrating SAP, GTS, and DocuSign

Key Capabilities

Helping enterprises simplify document signature process in a global trading scenario.


  • Reduced time & effort to apply signatures as the company representative of the seller organization does not need to switch between SAP and DocuSign interfaces
  • Improved oversight and end-to-end traceability of signature execution process with better visibility of the signature status and automatic movement of documents between DocuSign and SAP
  • Increased efficiencies and enhanced customer experience by reducing hassles across the work flow and eliminating manual interventions

DocuSign® Partnership

In the effort to enable last-mile digitization, RTS has created digital signature accelerators to simplify authorizations in enterprise workflows. This has helped us become a partner of choice for DocuSign® as they expand the coverage of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to include leading ERP systems.