ERP Modernization and Cloud Migration at US Government Agency
October 18, 2022
Data Lake Implementation at High-end Systems Conglomerate
October 13, 2022

ERP Modernization and Cloud Migration

ERP Modernization and Cloud Migration of large financial enterprise system at US Government Agency


A US Government Agency at the forefront of US security and defense.

The client needed to ensure its employees accomplished their finance mission and accelerated the agency’s priorities of readiness, modernization, and reform. The other challenges were:

• Too much effort and cost to constantly maintain, upgrade, and replace countless hardware even when it’s not being used
• Long time to transition to a back-up when a data center goes down
• Longer time to run detailed financial reports

Solutions and Services

Resolve Tech Solutions provided the following services:

• Migrated their financial enterprise system, moving over 30 terabytes of data from outdated storage centers to a modern cloud environment (AWS)
• Ensured that the information passed various checks during the verification stage, after the data was relocated
• Conducted functional and performance testing

Key Functional Modules

The solution enabled the migration of about 30 TB of data from outdated storage centers to a modern cloud environment to support over 35,000 users worldwide. The financial enterprise system processed US$1 Million in real-time transactions every day after implementation.


RTS’ solution modernized and migrated client’s large financial enterprise system to the cloud. It helped in reducing infrastructure costs and increasing operational efficiencies. The other benefits include:

• Enabled client’s workforce to operate systems that are more accessible, reliable, and provide better data optimization
• Mitigated the risk of losing critical financial data by ensuring system availability so users can continue to do daily financial actions including civilian pay, support services, and procurements
• Paved the way for several application modernization programs


RTS delivered the following results to the client:

US $10 Million in savings over 5 years, by eliminating the need to do mandatory tech refreshes in data centers every five years
4x faster (from 65 hours to 16 hours) in producing detailed financial reports
Reduction in transition to a back-up – instant transition as opposed to many hours before migration)