ERP Modernization and Cloud Migration of large financial enterprise system at US Government Agency
October 18, 2022

ERP Modernization and Cloud Migration

ERP Modernization and Cloud Migration at US Government Agency


A US Government Agency at the forefront of US security and defense, with $70 billion worth of parts and goods.

The client needed a consolidated place for documentation and to ensure that the employees make informed decisions while focusing on their tasks at hand. The other challenges were:

• Migrating their largest SAP-based ERP system with 72,000 users spread across six locations to the AWS Cloud
• Securely move their applications and infrastructure workloads to the SAP NS2 Secure HANA Cloud enabled over AWS GovCloud (US)
• Move the documentation related to parts and goods into one accessible space
• Address the regulatory requirements of the government agency, its customers and partners
• Efficiently manage the manual process to deliver solution in a complex Airgap environment with restricted internet connectivity, whilst helping cloud provider to get FedRamp certification.

Our Solutions & Services

RTS modernized and migrated the ERP to a secure cloud which was enabled by SAP NS2 Secure HANA Cloud on AWS GovCloud accessible only by security-cleared US citizens. AWS GovCloud provided the common infrastructure & services to process workloads that are public, for official use only, sensitive, secret, & top-secret.

Key Functional Modules

The solution involved over 1600 VMs deployed across various migration stages and serving about 72,000 users across 6 locations.


RTS’ solution provided the following benefits:

• Helped the client bring together critical data to one place and optimized application performance
• The live production environment (was ready in 6 months) provided increased visibility & availability of data
• Enabled teams to make timely and informed decisions on financial reporting & budgets, maintenance & repair logs, and conduct advanced analytics
• Ensured audit readiness thus helping the client make informed logistics and maintenance decisions with its scalable and elastic platform
• Provided a consolidated location for documentation that ensured that the employees could make informed decisions and focus on their tasks at hand


RTS delivered the following results to the client:

+30% Increased system availability for end-users
25% Cost reduction with Cloud Support & System