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An Agile Digital Transformation for Better Communication


Our client organization—a Texas-based global Christian ministry with more than 30,000 members - seeks to drive innovation and increase their ability to leverage technology. They had founded the Pathway App with the purpose of advocating for all the communities they serve. Pathway’s intent is to create positive change while transforming lives by providing a centralized way for its congregation to have access to education, employers, recruiters, 501C3, and coaches to help provide socially-based services, including skills/training for employment.


Pathway was originally built by a single entity that was tasked to create the organization’s initial vision. After Phase 1, the app was unstable with limited functionalities, both from a frontend and backend perspective. In addition, the developer who built Pathway left the organization without supporting documentation, which limited their visibility on how the app could be optimized.


Several inefficiencies in the initial app motivated RTS to provide an entire end-to-end greenfield proposal for Pathway,designed for fault tolerance. The greenfield approach would also provide up-to-date documentation for the entire process of the build, and included the functionality the organization was seeking in the newer, updated version. Along with creating the statement of work (housed in AWS).


Client organization will have the most updated version of Pathway, fully optimized on desktops and mobile (IoS/Android), with high availability architecture built in the Cloud.


The statement of work consists of multiple sprints to achieve the full launch of the new platform as a service:
6 months: Minimum Viable Product
8 months: Beta
10 months: Launch