SRM RFx – Digital Signature Management – SAP, DocuSign
October 9, 2021
Vendor Invoice – Digital Signature Management – SAP, DocuSign
October 9, 2021


Streamlined signature management for CRM contracts

We help organizations get complete visibility and better oversight of their CRM contract signature process with our Digital Signature Accelerator solution.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an integral part of all aspects of business operations. Sales heads are continually required to interact with multiple customer organization representatives for authorizations/approvals of CRM contracts. Lack of timely authorization or miscommunication regarding contract information can cause delays and unwarranted issues during reconciliation.
RTS Digital Signature Accelerator integrates SAP CRM contracts with DocuSign agreement cloud and helps in automating the document & workflow-status movement processes. With the RTS solution accelerator, supplier and customer organizations can now simplify contract management processes through efficient signature execution workflows.

A solution concept video

Integrating DocuSign with SAP for CRM contract process

Key Capabilities

Helping businesses simplify CRM contract workflows.


  • Reduction in time to apply signatures as the Sales head does not need to switch between SAP and DocuSign interfaces
  • Increased efficiency of contract approval process by managing the workflow definition within SAP CRM
  • Enhanced visibility of the approval process at any point in time within the SAP environment
  • Improved oversight of supplier – customer actions with real-time tracking of workflow status

DocuSign® Partnership

In the effort to enable last-mile digitization, RTS has created digital signature accelerators to simplify authorizations in enterprise workflows. This has helped us become a partner of choice for DocuSign® as they expand the coverage of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to include leading ERP systems.