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September 27, 2021
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September 26, 2021


Simplify document management in SAP when using DocuSign CLM

Increase efficiencies while also enhancing customer experience by saving time, reducing hassles, and eliminating manual interventions.

DocuSign CLM is a contract lifecycle management platform that automates and connects the agreement processes using a host of features like templates, workflows, routing, and multi-user editing. When enterprises manage certain processes in SAP using DocuSign CLM, the involved participants need to execute several tasks related to uploading documents, associating entities etc. which reduces productivity and increases the potential of manual errors.
With the RTS solution accelerator, workflow initiators can now start the process in SAP and the associated tasks automatically get executed. For example, when creating a sales quote, the agreement is automatically created with the right status and gets moved to DocuSign CLM before generating the workflow id and associating the necessary tasks. Further, when the approver signs the document in DocuSign, the associated documents get generated automatically by leveraging the custom attributes entered in the document envelope. For example, when the sales quote is approved, the associated sales order gets created automatically with the right information.

A solution concept video

Integrating SAP with DocuSign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management)

Key Capabilities

Helping businesses simplify the document management activities.


  • Save time significantly while also reducing the potential of making mistakes with RTS accelerator automating multiple tasks
  • Get complete visibility across the workflow and gain end-to-end traceability with RTS accelerator synchronizing the status, and automatically moving documents between SAP and DocuSign CLM
  • Increase efficiencies while also enhancing customer experience by reducing hassles across the work flow and by eliminating manual interventions

DocuSign® Partnership

In the effort to enable last-mile digitization, RTS has created digital signature accelerators to simplify authorizations in enterprise workflows. This has helped us become a partner of choice for DocuSign® as they expand the coverage of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to include leading ERP systems.