Modernize and monetize your data. Energize your data to do more.

Modernize your data landscape with RTS Data Analytics. We help enterprises become analytics-driven and to monetize data by modernizing their data landscapes.

Modernization is not the same for every enterprise and is highly contextual to every enterprise that we consult and partner with. Therefore, the focus of modernization today is more about renewing the enterprise to deliver their specific business goals—the focus is not to confine to pure play cost reduction and technology play to stay relevant.

From a data landscape perspective, this means creating data solutions that are future ready, scalable, real-time, high speed, and agile. Hence, focusing on aligning to a cloud-first strategy reducing costs by consolidating disparate solutions is key. On the back of transformed landscapes, customers experience agility with self-service, high performance, and intuitive visualizations-based analytics.

Traditional enterprise data warehouses and operational data stores are experiencing a tipping point in terms of the data explosion, data latency, and increasing data management costs, along with ever-increasing business process complexities.

Dealing with this issue requires data landscape modernization that renews its infrastructure to reach zero latency in data and insights—an infrastructure that scales 100x with 1/100x latency and 1/100x cost, and provides intelligent insights to aid in the business decision making process. Many enterprises are struggling to keep pace in this journey of modernization.

This transformational journey is an evolving one and should be followed up with strategies for continual modernization. However, existing enterprise data platforms are faced with challenges that prevent them from building an information-driven business culture.

RTS addresses scalability, latency, and cost-related challenges that clients experience with their existing systems. We are creating a new reality where there is no longer a divide between the physical and digital worlds. We are working to bring all the thinking, abilities, experience, and skills to acquire, analyze and monetize the explosion of data by enabling a data landscape that scales 50x with 1/50x latency and 1/50x cost.

What are we trying to solve with Modernization?

Globally, customers want to transition to an analytics-driven enterprise and monetize their data for customer intimacy, operational efficiency, and new revenue models. However, this is prevented by today's ageing and complex data landscapes and their inability to discover and deliver information rapidly. Therefore, the focus of modernization is shifting from technology adoption and cost optimization to aligning tightly to key business imperatives.

The conversion from a Legacy Enterprise to a Real-time Enterprise is enabled with three components—optimize, transform, and digitize.