Abdul Hameed Mohammed

Software Developer

“Work in silence. Let success be your noise.”

-Frank Ocean

Abdul’s first brush with the world of programming was in his undergrad years. He discovered a passion for software languages during his first-ever Java class. Despite initial learning struggles, Abdul delved deep and quickly expanded his knowledge. After working as a developer in a startup for two years, he wanted to pursue higher education in the field he loved and moved to the US.

Abdul is highly conversant in multiple technologies like Java, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, NodeJS, AWS, MongoDB, and IoT. A team player and a creative thinker, he is continually involved in some major or minor projects at various levels, always looking for opportunities for improvements.

Significant Projects

  • Asset Protection for a global convenience store operator
  • Search functionality for online grocery retail store operator

Why I like RTS?

The RTS team is highly efficient and good at what they do. They put a lot of effort into helping their employees become comfortable with their roles and company culture. They gave me excellent pointers to help me decide a course of action best suited for me. I highly appreciate their work style and levels of transparency.

An Incident

My entry into the world of software development was purely accidental. During my undergrad years, a friend had written a calculator program. It immediately caught my attention, and I just had to find more about programming languages. The calculator program sparked a lifelong interest in the world of coding and guided me towards my career choice.

My One word/phrase



Dallas, Texas, USA

Commendations from the clients and managers

“Abdul is a strong technology agnostic team player, who always understands the priorities, is conscious about standards, and builds high performing solutions. He never stops finding opportunities for improvements in the solutions he is working on. He has made the search solution we have built, an uncompromising one in a very short period of time. Overall, he is a package of promising technological champion.”

- Technical Manager