Transform invoice approval/authorization process with our digital signature solution for improved traceability and reduced audit loss

A solution walkthrough video

Integrating DocuSign with SAP for Invoicing process

Key Capabilities

Helping businesses accelerate the invoicing processes


  • Faster reconciliation of fully signed invoice documents, with reduced risk of audit loss
  • Improved traceability with an invoicing process that is fully managed within SAP environment
  • Increased productivity with elimination of inefficient email and paper-based workflows
  • Reduced enterprise carbon footprint with adoption of paper-less invoicing workflows

DocuSign® Partnership

In the effort to enable last-mile digitization, RTS has created digital signature accelerators to simplify authorizations in enterprise workflows. This has helped us become a partner of choice for DocuSign® as they expand the coverage of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to include leading ERP systems.

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We collaborate with your IT and Business teams across the journey of implementing digital signature solutions from concept to rollout for a variety of business work flows in an SAP environment.