Although organizations are quick to buy into the value of digital transformation programs, they often resort to paper-based tracking for authorizations and approval, which impedes the end-to-end digitization of business workflows.

Through custom-developed digital signature accelerators, RTS helps enterprises adopt the DocuSign® agreement platform for enterprise workflows, enabling digitization till the last mile.

Digital Signature Accelerator

Integrating SAP and DocuSign


Helping digital signature solutions replace paper-based authorizations across the enterprise.



Truly paperless workflows that help save the environment

Improved traceability and oversight of business workflows

Faster approvals with elimination of manual paper-based processing steps

Reduced risk of audit loss with all information being collated in SAP®

Business Processes

Sales personnel routinely sign and dispatch product quotations to prospective buyers. For any wins, they also need their prospects to sign off on the quotation, which is typically a manual affair.

RTS’s digital signature accelerator helps move this cross-organizational process step on to DocuSign for a seamless transaction.

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In the procurement process, raising a Purchase Order involves verification against multiple controls which are pre-configured within the SAP® system. However, it is cumbersome for finance managers to record their authorizations in a paper-based manner.

The RTS signature accelerator digitizes this authorization process across the multiple approvers within the finance department and also the vendor who accepts the PO.

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The invoice process is integral to successful business operations of an organization. It usually involves accountants and payers interacting with each other through multiple workflows.

The RTS digital signature accelerator enables the accountants and the payers to leverage the digital signature functionalities of the DocuSign agreement cloud within the SAP environment, thus simplifying the invoice review and approval workflows.

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The bill of lading workflow manages the dispatch of inventory from the enterprise warehouse, and requires multiple approvals from across the headquarters, quality inspection team, and an acceptance by the goods carrier.

The RTS signature accelerator digitizes this entire approval process from within the SAP environment and custom mobile apps.

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During close-of-business, store managers reconcile deliveries made with the in-store inventory. This reconciliation requires much manual effort since the store manager needs to verify customers’ and sales representatives’ signatures on paper-based delivery notes.

The RTS digital signature accelerator tracks customers’ verifications within the SAP system, thus simplifying the store manager’s task of reconciling deliveries.

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SAP Vistex agreements process involves multi-step workflows set up by a key account manager for external customer approvals of a commercial contract.

RTS Digital Signature Accelerator integrates SAP Vistex with DocuSign agreement cloud and helps in automating the document movement processes. Supplier organizations can now manage signature processes within SAP and get a complete visibility of the signature events across the workflow.

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An effective procurement process requires continuous collaboration between purchasers, and suppliers to ensure better business outcomes and relationship continuity.

With the RTS solution accelerator, purchasers, and suppliers can manage RFx creation, authorizations, and vendor responses through a DocuSign interface that is integrated with the SAP environment. This helps in completing the process faster while having complete visibility and end-to-end traceability of document signature & approval processes.

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Sales heads are continually required to interact with multiple customer organization representatives for authorizations/approvals of CRM contracts.

RTS Digital Signature Accelerator integrates SAP CRM contracts with DocuSign agreement cloud and helps in automating the document & workflow-status movement processes. With the RTS solution accelerator, supplier and customer organizations can now simplify contract management processes.

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Vendor invoice management can be a challenging task for business organizations. Any delay in processing the outbound can impact delivery timelines, revenue, and vendor relations.

RTS Digital Signature Accelerator integrates SAP Accounting with DocuSign agreement cloud and helps simplify the Vendor invoice approval workflows.

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DocuSign CLM is a contract lifecycle management platform that automates and connects the agreement processes using a host of features like templates, workflows, routing, and multi-user editing.

With the RTS solution accelerator, workflow initiators can now start the process in SAP and the associated tasks automatically get executed. Further, when the approver signs the document in DocuSign, the associated documents get generated automatically by leveraging the custom attributes entered in the document envelope.

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Executing a SEPA mandate is a common industry practice in many organizations to simplify the payments to vendors through their designated banks. Representatives of the payer organization and payment receipt organization need to sign the necessary agreement documents to execute the agreed SEPA mandates.

RTS digital signature accelerator enables the representatives of the organizations to leverage the digital signature functionalities of the DocuSign agreement cloud within the SAP environment, thus simplifying the invoice review and approval workflows.

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In a global trading & shipping situation, several documents need to be verified and signed by the seller, government agencies, and buyers. SAP provides the GTS system through which all parties can access the necessary documents.

RTS accelerator enables users to sign these documents within the SAP environment, automatically moves documents between SAP and DocuSign, and synchronizes the documents & status in SAP, thus increasing efficiencies and improving visibility.

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DocuSign® Partnership

In the effort to enable last-mile digitization, RTS has created digital signature accelerators to simplify authorizations in enterprise workflows. This has helped us become a partner of choice for DocuSign® as they expand the coverage of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud to include leading ERP systems.

Customer Success

North Carolina Department of Transportation

  • CRM Agreement Integration
  • External and Internal workflow
  • Archiving at CRM Contract & Content Repo

Groupe Casino

  • Integration with Custom solution
  • Integration with DMS using Object link
  • Auto Error correction and Retrieval
  • Tibco as Middleware

Roche Spain

  • Integration with email
  • Integration with Vistex Agreement
  • MuleSoft as Middleware

Cargill India

  • Sales Invoice (e-Invoicing)
  • Integration with e-Mudra
  • Archiving in OpenText
  • SAP PI/PO as Middleware

Other Clients

  • SRM RFx
  • BOL (Bill of Lading)
  • ESS and MSS

Others Clients (Archiving Needs)

  • Purchase Order (Archiving in On Base)
  • Purchase Requisition (Archiving in On Base)