Retailers are leveraging new technologies to enhance in-store customer experience by reducing wait times during payments and in queues.


Solution Highlights


    The pilot store implementation helped our client to ascertain the possibility of productionizing check-out automation in stores. More importantly, this solution enabled our client to realize its goal to exceed consumer expectations for faster, easier transactions and a seamless shopping experience. Key benefits to the customer and the retailer include:

  • Reduced waiting-times for customers during payments and standing in queues with the self-service mobile app and checkout-free technology
  • Enhanced customer service by potentially redeploying the check-out staff to assist customers across their purchase cycle in the store
  • Improved personalization by providing in-context customer-specific recommendations leveraging the large amount of meaningful data
  • Eliminated shrink by fraud with the camera-based checkout-free systems as every item gets automatically associated with the personnel when taken from a shelf

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