Data analytics applies fundamental scientific principles to the analysis of large, complex data sets. This rapidly evolving field can help organizations make fact-based business decisions to grow revenues, improve efficiency, optimize customer service, enhance responsiveness to market trends, and increase competitiveness. Over the years, RTS has gained significant expertise in helping customers implement robust analytics solutions to derive meaningful insights from the vast data generated at the enterprise level.

How we help our clients

We develop data-centric and insights-centric solutions using best-fit technologies and architectures leveraging our expertise and experience in mapping business processes to enterprise data.


Our Strengths

Implementing complex data lifecycle and management solutions, for large enterprises

Developing analytics solutions using new and emerging technologies including AI/ML, and cloud data management

Engaging with different business and technology teams, to elicit needs and resolve data dependencies

Customer Success

Marketing Analytics

Resolve Tech helped a telecom client streamline their profitability reporting process using data warehousing and analytics solution. With this solution, the telecom major was able to overcome inherent delays and inaccuracies in the profitability reporting. The client achieved faster management reporting, improved marketing decision making, and better data synergy across various departments.

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Spend optimization with ML

Developed Machine Learning based POC for prediction and classification of client spend data. The objective of this POC is to collect relevant data from various sources and apply intelligent analytics for classification and identification of opportunity for reduction in the monthly spend with various vendors.

Basecamp approach to implement a data warehousing solution

After a detailed analysis of the challenges the business teams were facing, a base camp approach was adopted to tackle the root causes and bring about a long-lasting solution derived through participation and collaboration of all the business teams.

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Customer Experience Insights

As today’s customers expect anywhere, anytime engagement with businesses, offering the best customer experience is paramount for organization. Resolve Tech helped its client understand the insights by implementing a customer survey and responses collation system. This information equips the client with better & quicker understanding of customer expectations, which helps improve speed to market and implement customer retention initiatives.