Drive Digital Transformation While Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Make better decisions and improve customer engagement with AI

AI has rapidly emerged as the number one game-changer technology across industries in recent years, and companies across the spectrum are investing in this emerging technology. RTS provides offerings such as hardware, cloud, consulting, implementation, and support in AI.

RTS has built excellent capabilities in AI through organic and inorganic development. Also, we have a best-of-breed partner ecosystem, in addition to products, platforms, and accelerators that allow us to implement innovative and efficient solutions for our clients.

Our cognitive solutions improve the following for your organization:

  • Digital Experience. Systems that learn continuously to anticipate real client needs
  • Speed. 24/7 operations significantly improve response times
  • Cost Savings. Significantly enhances automatable activities through intelligence
  • Efficiency. Adept at performing repetitive tasks while constantly improving
  • Conversational Systems. RTS offers end-to-end solutions in Conversational AI, from consulting to implementation and support:
We are able to create bots that are tailored to your organization’s needs, including simple FAQ bots or complex transactional bots that are integrated with complex backend systems supporting WhatsApp, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more.

Expertise in popular cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, and popular products such as Watson and Rasa.

NLP and Search

RTS offers comprehensive document digitization services:

  • Inputs include physical documents, scanned documents, and emails
  • Handle structured, unstructured, and semi-structured content
  • Use techniques such as OCR, NLP, cognitive search, and NLG
  • Cloud-based and/or on-premises solutions
  • Integrating COTS products and bespoke software for custom solutions

Image, Video, and Voice Processing

Our services allow you to derive insights from images and video content to improve day-to-day business operations:

  • Object, scene, and activity detection; object tracking; and text extraction
  • Automated video transcription for closed captioning and subtitles
  • Analysis of streaming and stored video with a pre-trained model to classify images
  • Implement on-premise and cloud-based partner solution


Deep Learning

Embed our deep learning services into your applications:

  • Learn without human supervision
  • Draw from unstructured and unlabeled data
  • Recognize specific representations (images, texts, videos, and sounds)
  • Advanced analysis based on artificial neural networks with representation learning
  • Detect fraud or money laundering, among other functions
  • MLOps best practices for success with AI