Cloud to Cloud Migration

Cloud to Cloud Migration

Migrating from one cloud environment to another. The Why and How around Cloud-to-Cloud Migration.

Are you looking to migrate off from your current cloud provider?

At RTS we specialize in an array of cloud services. If you are thinking about other solutions, a great starting point is our cloud audit. During our audit we analyze how your organization is doing in the cloud. This includes a provider assessment, cost containment analysis and security containment analysis. Our team can explain where you are and if there is any value in moving to a different provider.

Common reasons we see clients move to a different cloud provider:


Operating in the cloud can be expensive, especially for businesses that need to scale their workloads. There are other cloud providers that offer more competitive pricing.


Some cloud providers do not offer all of the features that some businesses need. For example, some do not have a native Kubernetes service.


Sometimes cloud performance can be inconsistent. This can be a problem for businesses that need their applications to be reliable and responsive.


It is a problem if support is slow and unresponsive. This can be a problem for businesses that need help with their cloud deployments.


Some cloud providers have been criticized for security practices. This can be a concern for businesses that handle sensitive data.

Lack of innovation:

Some cloud providers are constantly adding new features and services, while others have been slow to keep up.


The cloud computing market is very competitive. This has led to some businesses migrating to other cloud providers in order to get better value for their money.

Legacy systems:

Certain cloud providers are not well-suited for legacy systems. If you have legacy systems that you need to migrate to the cloud, you may need to choose a different provider.

The Migration:

If you have determined you’re ready to move but need more insight on how it all works or how you can improve a migration, we can assist with a migration readiness report, complete with wave maps and infrastructure scans. Our Migration Readiness Assessment will give you an executable document with the tools needed to make your migration a success.

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Not operating in the cloud? Let us help you leave the world of On-Premises, Data Center, or Co-Located Infrastructure

We offer a comprehensive range of cloud services, including:

Cloud advisory and planning:
We can help you assess your current IT environment and develop a cloud migration plan that meets your business needs.
Cloud migration readiness assessment:
We can assess your organization's readiness to migrate to the cloud. We look at your data and applications to ensure your migration is set up for success.This includes evaluating your IT staff's skills and knowledge, as well as your business processes.
Cloud adoption framework:
We can help you develop a framework for adopting cloud computing within your organization. This includes defining roles and responsibilities, as well as setting up governance processes.
Cloud economics:
We can help you understand the financial implications of migrating to the cloud and making sure you are utilizing your cloud instance to minimize unnecessary costs.
Cloud platform support:
We can provide support for your specific cloud platform, including troubleshooting issues and providing training to your staff. This focuses on the actual platform you choose and differs from our managed cloud services.
Cloud migration services:
We can help you migrate your data and applications to the cloud. This includes planning, designing, and implementing the migration.
Cloud disaster recovery and backup:
We can help you protect your data in the cloud with disaster recovery and backup solutions. This is part of our post-migration support program
Cloud data platforms:
We can help you select and implement cloud data platforms, such as Hadoop and Spark.
Cloud automation:
We can help you automate your cloud environment, such as provisioning resources and deploying applications. We suggest utilizing our JUNO Cloud Automate tool.
Managed cloud services:
We can provide managed cloud services, such as monitoring and optimizing your cloud environment.

Resolve Tech Solutions is a leading provider of cloud computing services. We have helped hundreds of businesses migrate to the cloud, and we can help you too. If you’re ready to get started schedule a Cloud Advisory Session.

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