Cloud Economics

Cloud Economics

Cloud Computing Economics – Optimizing Your Cloud Spend

As cloud adoption continues to accelerate, many organizations are struggling to optimize their cloud spending and gain full financial visibility. Without proper cloud financial management, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Our firm provides expert guidance on cloud economics to maximize your ROI.

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Why Cloud Economic Analysis is Crucial

  • Public cloud spend has exceeded budgets by an average of 18% percent
  • More than 50 percent of enterprises spend over $12 million annually on public cloud services
  • Less than one-third of organizations closely monitor cloud spending or have visibility into where those costs originate

Without proper analysis and planning around cloud costs, organizations risk runaway spending, exceeding budgets, and inability to calculate ROI. A strategic approach to cloud economics is essential.

We guide clients through a proven cloud financial optimization framework that covers:

Accelerated analytics and insights


We help define the scope of cloud environments and services to analyze. This includes on-prem, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud.
Improved operational efficiency

Data Collection:

We gather granular data on storage, network, compute, licenses, support fees, and all elements that impact cloud spend.
Higher productivity


Leveraging cloud cost analytics tools, we gain visibility into current consumption and spending across the cloud environment.
Reduced costs

Current State Report:

We deliver detailed breakdown of existing spend and cost drivers, forming the foundation for improvements.
Increased Agility

Identify Optimization Areas:

We pinpoint opportunities to rightsize services, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency.
Enhanced Customer Experiences

Prepare Plan:

We outline concrete steps to optimize each area, forecast future spend, and track ROI.
Higher ROIs from data

Optimize and Execute:

We provide guidance on implementing optimization initiatives identified in the current state analysis and plan.
Improved decision making

Continuous Improvement Loop:

Cloud optimization is an ongoing process. We offer continuous support to track results, refine strategies, and identify new areas for efficiency gains.

A Financial Partner for Your Cloud Journey

With deep expertise in cloud cost management and financial strategy, our team empowers organizations to maximize value, control spend, and drive innovation with the cloud. We go beyond surface-level visibility to give you the financial insights needed to optimize investments at every stage.

Whether you are just embarking on cloud adoption or managing a complex multi-cloud environment, we become a trusted partner for the financial aspect of your cloud journey. Contact us today to learn more about our cloud economic services.