We are proud and honored to be the Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider 2024

Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider 2024
AI/ML Services

We are proud and honored to be the Most Promising Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider 2024

Revolutionizing Technology Landscapes with Integrated AI & ML Capabilities

In the swiftly evolving landscape of technology, the democratization of AI and ML tools has sparked a surge in adoption across diverse industries. Organizations are increasingly eager to infuse these advanced capabilities into their infrastructure to fuel innovation. However, navigating the integration of these technologies within existing multi-cloud or on-premises environments, powered by industry giants like Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS, presents significant challenges.

Resolve Tech Solutions (RTS) stands as an authority in empowering clients to unlock the full potential of advanced technologies, including AI and ML, seamlessly integrating them into their technological ecosystems. At the forefront of this transformation journey lies Juno Labs, a pioneering hub of AI and ML innovations and cutting-edge solutions.

Juno Labs provides a comprehensive AI lab equipped with pre-integrated tools and industry-specific solutions, bolstered by RTS’s robust data analytics and product engineering prowess. Together, these resources empower organizations to swiftly derive actionable insights that drive tangible business outcomes. Juno Labs excels in accelerating innovation and facilitating rapid prototyping, thus enabling organizations to iterate through failures swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, its agility ensures seamless scalability, simplifying the transition to production environments.

By partnering with Juno Labs, customers, including large and medium-sized enterprises, can seamlessly integrate leading AI and ML technologies into their existing environments. The process is structured and iterative, aiding organizations in conceptualizing models, launching AI projects, and managing them efficiently while optimizing costs and maximizing performance, particularly in cloud environments.

In addition to simplifying the complexities of embedding AI and ML technologies, Juno Labs enhances client productivity, optimizes operational costs, and accelerates time to market. The journey begins with an ideation process, where clients gain access to tested use cases and ideas seamlessly aligning with their operational fabric. Within as little as 12 weeks, a proof of concept can be implemented, paving the way for broader adoption across the enterprise.

“Through Juno Labs, we’re not just integrating AI and ML into our clients’ ecosystems; we’re sculpting the future of their businesses, empowering them to innovate with precision and agility like never before.”
– Vinod Muthuswamy, CEO of Resolve Tech Solutions

Juno Labs offers five different solution sets-Juno Innovate, Juno Modelmesh, Juno GenAI, Juno CloudsensAI, and Juno Cloud Automate- catering to every stage of AI-driven solution development and management.

Juno Innovate offers a library of pre-trained models, along with datasets available for clients to evaluate and envision the AI projects.

Juno Modelmesh, orchestrates the integration and pre-processing of customer datasets.

Juno GenAI, embeds Generative AI across all environments.

Juno CloudsensAI, A cloud neutral containerized application, offers observability from multi-cloud environments and leverages AI & ML to perform predictive anomaly detection.

Juno Cloud Automate accelerates the process of building out secure AI/ML environments and ensures flawless outputs.

Juno Labs has spearheaded numerous projects, enabling clients to automate operational tasks, across legacy and next generation environments, be it within SAP environments or modern AI/ML frameworks. Clients can leverage these solutions at various stages or throughout the entire process, ensuring comprehensive support.

One of the most illustrative examples of Juno Labs’ end-to-end capabilities lies in its impact on service providers, who often have millions of customers and thousands of on-field technicians attending to their complaints. Every time a customer calls into the service center, finding a technician with the required skill set to resolve the specific issue can be challenging. In addition, sending the technician for a visit can cost up to $300, which is further aggravated if he is unable to address the problem.

Leveraging Juno Labs’ solutions, companies can minimize operational costs by creating a platform that connects customers to the appropriate technicians for the job. By routing the queries to the right technicians and allowing them to accept or reject the request, the solution ensures that the problem can be addressed by using the best possible resources at the lowest cost. By leveraging Generative AI, it goes a step further by assisting the technicians throughout the job by providing detailed instructions to solve it.

Similarly, RTS’ solutions have proven their effectiveness across multiple industries, including energy, government, and retail. The team’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries has earned it the position of a technology innovator in the AI & ML space.

Committed to providing cutting-edge solutions, RTS continues to actively pursue its core mission-to accelerate our customer’s technology transition with our commitment to continuous innovation and cutting-edge solutions.