The mobile applications landscape has transformed drastically in last few years. The increasing number and complexity of devices is pushing the market from device-centricity towards applications-centricity. Users today appreciate not just the functional advantages of applications but are looking forward to seamless and engaging experiences through them.

Resolve Tech Solution’s mobility practice helps you to tap into the true potential of the rapidly changing and yet transformational space of mobile applications. Our team of experts understand the trends, technologies, and issues associated with the space and can be your trusted partner in your mobile journey.


  • Connected objects
  • Internet of Things
  • Wearable tech
  • Big Data and App analytics
  • Location Based Wi-Fi Services
  • Mobile Gaming


  • Rapidly shifting technology
  • Security
  • Consistency across multiple platforms
  • Dynamic data storage and access


  • Rapid mobile apps development
  • Simple and engaging content
  • Dynamic and interactive User Experience
  • Real-time responses
  • The WOW factor


Our mobility practise is modular yet simplistic and is designed to help organizations at all stages of their mobile journey. So, whether you are just contemplating on how to tap mobility to improve your productivity or are looking for a trusted partner to upgrade and maintain your existing applications, we can step in at any time and take over with ease and efficiency.


Our Expertise

  • iPhone and iPad Custom Application Development
  • Android mobile and tablet application Development
  • Blackberry Mobile and Play Book Tablet Application
  • Development
  • Windows Mobile
  • HTML 5



Mobile applications are about experiences. Our designers have perfected the art of bringing in simplicity and visual elegance to mobile applications, while ensuring an optimal and consistent experience to users.


Achieving seamless experience across platforms can be challenging. We deploy time-tested coding practices and project management methodologies to ensure consistency in both functionality and design.


We stay on top of all the process, tools, technologies, and trends that shape the mobility space. Our developers are on a constant endeavour to bring in even more efficiency, be it in terms of speed or features, to your applications.