Users face numerous challenges while searching for information. Too many silos and rapidly increasing document sizes make it difficult for users to reach the information their want at the right time. Businesses are directly affected because usage plummets when searches don’t yield pertinent results.

RTS’S Google Search Offerings and competencies help customers overcome their critical challenges and achieve intuitive, fast, and highly relevant results. With an easily customizable user interface and with advanced search and integration capabilities, users are able to effortlessly access real-time data in a highly secure and standards-based environment.

Key Features

  • Customizable interface
  • Integration of Google Search application with
    a) SAP Document Management Systems
    b) SAP Content Server including Ixos, FileNet, Documentum
  • Indexing and retrieval on SAP classification and characteristics
  • Ability to search on SAP Business Object’s attributes including Long Texts
  • OneBox module search across SAP web content, SAP GUI Content and BI reports
  • Secure Search (SSO) for both OneBox and Google Search


  • Four week basic Google Search Application( GSA) implementation
  • Additional four to six weeks for SAP/GSA integration services
  • Optional consulting for developing Single Sign On and secure search for SAP backend solutions and additional content repositories


  • Custom solution for GSA/SAP integration
  • Google OneBox for SAP
  • Custom solution for GSA/Workday(new ERP on demand solution) integration