The federal government has been on a spree to introduce citizen-friendly schemes and to make the existing schemes more easily accessible to the public. Combined with the growing pressure of budget constraint and increased need for accountability, the federal CIOs are on the look-out for all the technology solutions that can help them deliver on their targets.

With our experience of working with the government on several projects, we can bring a deep understanding of the IT infrastructure, culture, and business processes of government organizations. We help federal CIOs in determining how the latest technology trends can be utilized to improve operations and services delivery and we help them in building the right capabilities required to utilize these trends.


  • Highly accessible services through cloud and mobile technologies
  • Citizen e-ID
  • Digital government platform
  • Multi-channel citizen engagement
  • Internet of Things
  • Edge analytics
  • Scalable interoperability


  • IT legacy systems
  • Organizational culture and business processes
  • IT budget cuts
  • Lack of critical IT skills


  • One coherent view of government services
  • Responsive, personalized services
  • Seamless and consistent user experience across channels
  • Self-service capabilities


From assisting IT leads and CIO assess various technologies to helping them recruit and update their talent pool and providing them with exceptional IT expertise, we provide government enterprises with the complete package that would enable them to take on the changing IT environment.

RTS Government Practice

Our services span the entire spectrum, including advisory, design and implementation, support and application management, testing, and upgrades. Our analytics expertise includes SAP BI/BW, Business Objects, and HANA. Our assessment services include HANA POCs, SAP Solutions Assessment, and Big Data/Hadoop solutions.