NLP Engineer

August 13

Key Responsibilities:

  • Research and utilize Machine Learning (ML) and NLP frameworks and libraries to train NLP models with internal and external datasets
  • Prototype and develop NLP-enabled services and components
  • Work with the team to develop solutions for semantic search, consumer product ranking, user context understanding and chatbots
  • Stay up to date with technology, prototype and learn new technologies, proactive in technology communities
  • Learn from peers in data science and engineering community
  • Deliver on time with a high quality of research, innovation and engineering

Basic Qualifications:

Master’s degree in AI/ML areas
3+ years of work experience in NLP projects
2+ years of work experience in software development
Strong knowledge of text representation techniques (such as n-grams, bag of words, sentiment analysis etc.), statistics and classification algorithms
2+ years of work experience with at least one of the following languages: Python, Java, and R
Hands-on experience with NLP library CoreNLP, NLTK, Flair or Gensim

Preferred Qualifications:

Ph. D. preferred
2+ years of experience working in Agile team environment
Experience in deep learning neural network
Published research on machine learning or NLP