Machine Learning Engineer

August 13

Job Description:

We are redefining convenience stores using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our AI engines are powering our automated inventory management, personalized offers, member loyalty programs, delivery programs, chatbots, and various data-driven business insights for our business and partners. 

We are looking for Machine Learning Engineer who want to join our exciting journeys ahead. As a member of a newly formed team, you will be exposed to immense datasets you never have seen before. You will gain deep and end-to-end experience of AI products and their business use cases. You will be working with a team of industry leading data scientists and engineers. 


Soft skill:

  • A quick and enthusiastic learner
  • Strong ownership
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Skillful of approaching open ended business problems
  • Structured and disciplined mind

Technical skill:

  • Proficient in Python and SQL (must). Scala and/or Java preferred.
  • Solid understanding of version control and software development principles (must)
  • Experience in large scale complicated database, pipeline development and high-quality production grade code development (must)
  • Solid foundation in machine learning
  • Experience with cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Experience with big data.