Portfolio Management

Maximize Investor Returns

  • Get a 360-degree view of your real estate investment portfolio.
  • Project future cash flows, distributions, and investor returns.
  • Evaluate investment strategies with what-if scenarios.

Debt Management

Centralize. Project. Protect

  • Project future cash requirements and compliance with loan terms (LTV, DSCR) and covenants.
  • Centralize and easily access your debt information in one application.
  • Evaluate debt strategies with what-if scenarios.

Partnership & Waterfall Modeling

Get Your Waterfalls Out of Excel

  • Easily model multi-tiered partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Ensure the consistency, accuracy, and transparency of waterfall models.
  • Automatically rollup distribution calculations.

Risk Management

Proactively Manage Investment Risk

  • Understand your exposure to tenants, property attributes, and lenders.
  • Project future cash requirements and liquidity risks.
  • Stay ahead of risks with exception alerts and greater knowledge of your portfolio.

Investment Reports & Dashboards

Turn Data Into Insight

  • Add business intelligence capabilities to your property management system.
  • Combine leasing, cash flow, debt, and valuation information for an integrated view of your portfolio.
  • Provide decision makers and investors with immediate access to information they can trust.

Investment Information Management

Eliminate the Information Silos

  • Integrate information from multiple property management and forecasting systems.
  • Capture data from third party property managers.
  • Ensure information integrity with built-in data validation tools.

Executive Decision Makers

  • Get a complete and reliable view of your real estate investments and readily evaluate your strategies to maximize investor returns.

Asset & Portfolio Management

  • Analyze and project income, outlays, and valuations to optimize asset and portfolio strategies.

Finance & Debt Management

  • Stay on top of debt schedules, lender requirements, and cash flow implications.


  • Get the numbers you need in a reliable and timely fashion regardless of the source.
  • Easily rollup financial reports at any level of the partnership or fund.

Risk Compliance

  • Protect your business and your investors with timely visibility to investment and debt exposure.

Investor Relations

  • Increase investor confidence in your management capabilities and provide investors with timely access to information they can trust.

Information Technology & Governance

  • Establish a unified corporate platform for investment, risk, and portfolio management.
  • Eliminate the reliance on Excel for mission-critical applications.
  • Increase confidence, accessibility, and timeliness of information.

Real Estate Business Intelligence:
Five Steps to Success

To remain competitive, investment management firms must implement a comprehensive business intelligence strategy that instills agile decision making capabilities and removes costly manual processes. Implementing a business intelligence platform today is just as imperative to commercial real estate organizations as property management and accounting systems were a decade ago.

To get started today, read our white paper Real Estate Business Intelligence: Steps to Success.


  • We expect Portfolio Maximizer to help us pull the information together and analyze it quicker than we were able to do in the past, which in turn will help us make better decisions related to the management of our assets and debt.

    - Kevin Dillard, EVP/CFO, The Abbey Company

  • Request provides a data model that will enable us to streamline and standardize data integration, providing the foundation for consistent and verifiable business intelligence.

    - Mark Brown, Chief Information Officer,
    General Growth Properties

  • Request has been extremely valuable for Glenborough. Having access to information is critical to our success as a company, and Request is where we go to get information.

    - Terri Garnick, Senior Vice President, Accounting, Glenborough

  • With the sizeable portfolio we already have under management, access to real-time data presented in customizable dashboards and easy-to-read reports is vital.

    - Scott D. Peters, Chief Executive Officer and President, Healthcare Trust of America, Inc.

  • Portfolio Maximizer enables us to scale our operations with efficient and reliable analysis capabilities.

    - Joshua Meyer, Chief Financial Officer,
    Jasper Stone Partners

  • We selected the Resolve solutions to provide us with a ‘single version of the truth’ that aggregates financial analysis and accounting data into a single data warehouse.

    - Carol Shumway, Vice President of REIT Reporting and Compliance, KBS

  • “Request will allow us to easily view data from multiple sources, speeding our reaction time, increasing our productivity, and enabling us to further improve returns for our investors.

    -Steve Bremner, Chief Financial Officer,
    Kennedy Associates

  • Information is now available on demand. We have the property, lease, and tenant data required to make investment decisions at our fingertips.

    - Cindy Parker, Managing Director, Information Technology, LaSalle Investment Management

  • Thanks to the quick implementation of Resolve Debt functionality, we were able to incorporate mark-to-market debt values into our year-end statements.

    - Tim Medlock, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, New Boston Fund

  • Request has become a key system for our business.

    - Anne Severs, Director of Real Estate Information Management, Principal Global Investors